Membership Application & Description

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Online Membership Application

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Membership Types

Builder / Developer Members

Individuals or corporations whose principal business is residential or commercial construction, residential or commercial remodeling, or the development of land.

Dues are $590.00 per year.

Associate Members

Individuals or corporations whose interests are compatible with the building industry.

Dues are $590.00 per year.

Contributory Members (Application)

This type of membership shall be open to any individual who is an elected official / employee of a governmental unit, a governmental subdivision, or governmental agency who is interested in the building industry. This membership shall have no voting rights and may not serve term(s) on the RAB Board of Directors, but will have certain rights and privileges as may be from time to time determined and stated by the Board of Directors of said Rochester Area Builders, Inc.

There are no membership fees for this type of membership.

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